The Boya House

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The Footspa Dance Sam BlightThe Boya House (2012)

Many enjoyable hours spent in local Irish sessions providing guitar accompaniment has provided a new rhythmic and harmonic direction for Sam'smusic.

He's joined on several tracks by well-known local traditional Irish fiddle virtuoso, Rob Zielinski. 

The Album contains a mix of Sam's original tunes, tradition Irish and Scottish tunes and a couple of covers.

Also used by Sam on this album for the first time is a guitar synth midi/controller which adds further dimensions of intrumentality on several tracks to completement and enrich his solo guitar sound.

Tracks: (click to listen)

1. Air Jig
2. Boya House
3. Strolling in Donegal
4. Cooley's/Wise Maid
5. Paddy's Budgie
6. Impatience
7. Flying Serperntine
8. Pearly Whirley Waltz
9. Richard's Tune
10. Charlie Piggots/Lark on the Strand
11. Hard Times
12. Mrs Jameison's Favourite
13. Celtic Heartbeat
14. Rose in the Heather
15. I.Will

>Buy Album Mp3 download ($15)

>Buy Album CD ($20 plus postage)



Sam Blight | Guitar, Synth Guitar, Vocals
Rob Zielinski | Irish Fiddle
Mary Blight | Vocals


Sam Blight and Peter Grandison

Engineered, mixed and mastered:

Peter Grandison at Shanghai Twang Studio, Fremantle, Western Australia. Email:


Lowden 6 string
Martin 6 string
YouRock synth midi controller
Zielinski Violin




Sam Blight

Music is way of speaking what we can’t say in words. It comes from and speaks to a deeper place in us.
To have the chance to become a musician is one of life’s greatest priveleges and one for which I am extremely grateful.
I hope you enjoy the music.”

Sam Blight